The Science
There are two ranges of normal that are used today in evaluating and interpreting blood test results. The Functional range is used by the natural health community and is a narrow range with lower values. This range is used to assess the risk of disease before it develops. This range is based on optimal health standards. Being healthy means free of disease and having adequate energy, healthy digestion and emotional well-being. By identifying sub-clinical imbalances and recommending diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, balance is restored and self-healing occurs. The body is self healing machine, but it needs nutrients to do so. Food is the best source of nutrients, but, due to the American diet, nutrient deficient soils and medications,50% of Americans are deficient in one or more nutrients. The Pathological range is used by the medical community and is broad with higher values. This range means there is potential for pathology or disease. Chronic conditions such as diabetes/sugar imbalance, cancer, heart disease, kidney/liver, and thyroid disease, that are not balanced when in the functional range, progress to the pathological ranges and become hard to manage and usually need medical attention and drugs.. The functional range is considered preventative health. Most chronic conditions/diseases are caused by nutrient deficiency, bad diet, bad lifestyle, environmental toxins, and genetics. All of these except genetics can be improved if corrected early by using the functional ranges and supplements. A chronic condition can be averted. If the blood results are out of functional range, but not yet in pathological range, restoring balance to the body should alleviate symptoms that may be present such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, hair loss, and hormone imbalance.
The Body Systems in the report: Hormonal balance, Digestive Health, Environmental toxins, Inflammation, Detoxification, Infection, Metabolic system.
By examining correlations and patterns of individual and groups of blood results, a more precise analysis of physiological patterns and tendencies help identify what sub-clinical biochemical imbalances are present and which nutrients are needed to help restore health in the body….