The Report
The cost of the report is $20
You will receive a detailed bio-individualized analysis, extensive 15-40 pages, personalized supplement protocol, identification of possible imbalances and underlying health issues, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. The report will address the following: Health Improvement, % deviation from the Optimal range, Functional Index, Nutrient Index, blood results, nutrient recommendations, and product summary. NOTE: the protocol/pattern/conditions listed in the report are potential physiological imbalances of potential concern and are non-diagnostic. Only a medical doctor or licensed health provider can make a specific diagnosis. Blood tests done in last 6 months can be used for this report. If you need current labs done, ask your doctor to order them, or you can order your own at The preferred test needed are cbc, cmp, lipids, tsh, free T4, Iron/ferritin, crp, B12/folate, magnesium,. 25 vitamin D, PSA(men)
You will need the secret key code chosen by you on the order form to open the email containing your report. You will have 24 hours to download or print your report before it is deleted. Read your report several times to be sure you understand it. NOTE: If a Support supplement is an ingredient in a product you currently use or plan on using, then don’t add that Supplement…Less is More…
Supplement Selection:—–search your Support supplement——search your Support supplement——search your Support supplement google your Support supplements visit your local health store, ask for help
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